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Frequently Asked Questions
How long have you been selling Ozturkbay coffee roasting equipment?  I have been the USA agent since 2007.  In that time, every other coffee roasting company outside of the US has changed or lost their US agents at least once. Can I roast at full batch capacity? Yes, many of our competitors “suggest” 70-80% of capactity.  This means you would need a 15 kilo roaster to roast 10 kilo batches. Do Ozturkbay roasters require a lot of Maintenance? All roasters require regular cleaning, but our roasters don’t require a lot of extra maintenance.  My 2007 OKS-15 has cost me less than $2000.00(for eight years and 300,000+ lbs. of coffee).  This works out to less than a penny a pound. Does Ozturkbay have profile systems? Ozturkbay builds the roaster to accept all aftermarket profile systems from a basic data logger to full automation. Do you offer Financing on your equipment? We have been working with Marlin Equipment Finance Company.  They have get customer service and competitive rates. We would be glad to get you an application. Do you Offer on-site setup assistance? Yes we do offer setup and training at your location for a very reasonable fee. Are you members of the SCAA? Yes, we are proud to be member of the SCAA. Is the local coffee roasting over done? Absolutely not, with very few exceptions the country needs more local coffee roasters.  Demand is growing every year because more people are trying to buy their food closer to home.