Importing Quality Turkish Coffee Roasters Since 2007
Thank you to everyone who stopped in to see us in Atlanta. We’ll see you again in 2017 in Seattle.
Adirondack Coffee Roasters
BUILT IN TURKEY AVAILABLE IN AMERICA was created to help people with a passion for roasting coffee the option to do so on high quality coffee roasting equipment at great prices.  We can save you thousands of dollars on coffee roasting equipment.  The dollars you save can be used to buy additional equipment, add services, or just to boost your bottom line. Adirondack Coffee Roasters has been the United States agent for Ozturkbay Coffee Roasting equipment since 2007.  The Ozturkbay family has been building coffee roasters in Izmir Turkey since 1944.  This great history allows us to sell a great quality coffee roaster at very competitive prices. We don't just sell roasters -- Since 2007 we have been roasting coffee everyday on Ozturkbay equipment. We know Ozturk Roasters inside and out. Great prices are only the beginning of this story.  Buying a roaster from OzturkUSA gives you a partner in the US. We will be there to answer any questions and to hold accountable should a problem arise.  Having that layer of security protects your investment. For example, if you order any coffee roaster from outside the US you have a 0% chance of getting your money back once it has been wired.  If your roaster is wrong or damaged, shipping it back is not an option (too costly).  Service from outside the country is slow: Can you afford to wait 3 weeks or more for a warranty part?? We stock or have regional suppliers for all parts needed for your warranty and beyond, and service from a U.S. rep is only a phone call away. With a purchase from OzturkUSA you also get a friend in the business. We know the struggle of fluctuating coffee prices, meeting deadlines, and the daily grind.  We are willing to share our successes as well as our mistakes with our new friends. We love roasting coffee and sharing that experience with our friends every day.  I have personally trained dozens of start-up companies hear in the US.  I am very proud when the businesses we help start become successful.  I want to help more people find the joy of roasting their own coffee and sharing in the great tradition of our passion.
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