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Are all of your fundraisers getting STALE?


Tired of seeing the same ideas? At Adirondack Coffee Roasters, we took the love of coffee and the desire to help others to create this fundraising formula: The problem with traditional fundraisers.•  Products sold for most fundraisers are overpriced and the customer is often displeased with the VALUE of their purchase.•  Books and Coupons are expensive at $30 - $45.00 and often you find someone has beat you to the sale.•  Businesses are being asked for so many donations that you get little for your effort.•  Did you ever choose a fundraiser only to find out that someone else in your area did it last week?

So how is an Adirondack Coffee Roasters fundraiser different?


Freshest Product + New Approach = Big Profits for your Organization.Adirondack Coffee Roasters knows that you have many loyal supporters, we also know that with the right fundraising tool, you could have many more. We offer a concept that allows you to create an income stream rather than a once a year push.Say you have 20 people in your organization that can sell Gourmet Coffee and Cocoa. These people may be students, youth group, parents, congregation, etc.; if these 20 people on average each sold 20 bags of Gourmet Coffee or Cocoa your group would make a direct profit of $1,920.00 ($4.80 profit x 400 bags = $1,920.00)If initial orders from 400 people were realized, and only 10% (or 40) of those individuals continued to order online at the rate of twice per month, you would continue to receive a monthly benefit check of $200.00!

At Adirondack Coffee Roasters, we want to be a part of your TEAM!


Adirondack Coffee Roasters wants to be your partner in success. We will work closely with your organization to custom tailor a solution that meets your needs. We offer Private Label Programs to help customers identify your fundraiser products. We work closely with you through every stage of your fundraiser.

So, let's get started!


Step #1Fill out our coffee fundraiser Registration Form. Once we receive it, we’ll contact you to start setting up your fundraiser.All information is kept strictly confidential.Step #2Download the Product Order Form. You will need to make copies and distribute this form to all who are going to sell for you. *IMPORTANT* Make sure that they completely fill out all of the information on the form and return them back to you when they have finished selling. You will need this information when you fill out the Master Order Form.Step #3Download and Print the Fundraiser Poster. You will see best results if you print on a color printer and give several posters to each salesperson. If you need Adirondack Coffee Roasters to send you posters please let us know on the Registration Form.Step #4It is suggested that an initial order of (1) bag of Gourmet Coffee per salesperson be ordered prior to the sales effort. This will allow your salespeople to have a sample of the product with them so your customers can enjoy the wonderful aroma -- You will see your sales increase if you take this step. Now is the time to Sell, Sell, Sell! Once you have completed your sales effort you will need to fill out the Master Order Form and mail (or e-mail) it to Adirondack Coffee Roasters. We will roast your order and ship within 5 days. This ensures your customers will receive the Freshest Gourmet Coffee and Cocoa they have ever tasted!Step #5After you have delivered our Gourmet Coffee and Cocoa to your customers, make an effort to call them back in 2 weeks. You will hear great responses from true coffee lovers. This is your opportunity to encourage your customers to continue to support your organization through ongoing online purchases from Adirondack Coffee Roasters. You may want to continue to follow-up every few weeks reminding your customers how important their continued support is. Contact us for a free sample and a full-color sales brochure. Our schedule is filling up Fast, so book your fundraiser soon.

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