OzturkUSA OKS-1.5 information

Model: OKS-1.5

Product Name:  1.5 kg. Ozturk Coffee Roasting Machine 

Roasting Time :10-20 Minutes 

Batch Capacity : 0.25-1.5 kg. of green coffee 

Voltage:220 Volts, 50-60Hz, single phase 

Type of Fuel:Propane and Natural Gas options

Color :Red, Black, Yellow ( some custom colors available)

Body Type :Chrome, Brass, or Copper body trim finish options

Weight : 185 kg

Gas Safety


  • Gas Security System : To shut down the gas system in conditions of any abnormality in the gas pressure
  • Security button to turn off the whole roasting process.

Temperature Control

 Digital Temperature Controls and Digital Temperature Indication. 

Commercial Coffee roaster

Other Specifications


  • Flame Control
  • Sight glass, sampling tube, and digital temperature to make roasting consistent
  • A large cooling tray with a fan quickly cools off
  •  the coffee
  • Independent motors for exhaust and cooling 
  • Installation and start up manual included
  • Electric and Gas components are CE
  • An external chaff collector is included with roaster
  • Low noise level
  • High quality

Optional Specifications


  • Optional embossed logo on drum(Copper Models)
  • Optional copper and stainless steel available on drum and cooling tank.
  • Afterburner