OzturkUSA OKS-10 information

Model: OKS-10

Product Name:10 kg. Ozturk Coffee Roasting Machine 

Roasting Time :10-20 Minutes 

Batch Capacity :2-10 kg. of green coffee 

Voltage:220-380 Volts, 50-60Hz, single and 3 Phase 

Type of Fuel:Propane and Natural Gas options

Color :Red, Black, Yellow ( some custom colors available)

Body Type :Chrome, Brass, or Copper body trim finish options

Weight :480 kg  

Gas Safety


  • Gas Security System : To shut down the gas system in conditions of any abnormality in the gas pressure
  • Security button to turn off the whole roasting process.

Temperature Control

 Digital Temperature Controls and Digital Temperature Indication. 

Other Specifications


Flame Control

Sight glass, sampling tube, and digital temperature to makes coffee roasting consistent

A large cooling tray with a fan quickly cools off

 the coffee

Independent motors for exhaust and cooling 

Installation and start up manual included with coffee roaster

Electric and Gas components are CE

An external chaff collector is included with coffee roaster

Low noise level

High quality

Optional Specifications


  • Drum and exhaust fan with variable speed control
  • Optional embossed logo on drum(Copper Models)
  • Optional copper and stainless steel available on drum and cooling tank.
  • Afterburner
  • Loader
  • IR style burner system
  • "German" style 10 stage power burner system